Atlanta Web Design, Web Development & Hosting | J&M Tank Lines, LLC

J&M Tank Lines, LLC| Custom Web Design

Websites that get you moving in the right direction. Webuddha and J&M Tank's relationship began with an employee benefits portal, and has blossomed to most aspects of their digital branding.

J&M Tank Lines is an industry leader; They knew they needed a partner as experienced with web design as they are with transportation. Webuddha stepped in to fill the need and we have been partnered for over 6 years.

Atlanta Web Design, Web Development & Hosting | Towel Hub Wholesale Towels

Towel Hub| Custom Ecommmerce CMS & CRM API

Feature rich software to enhance your business.Towel Hub has been a client of Webuddha's for over 8 years. During this time Webuddha has provided custom ecommerce software, custom data management, order processing and third party integration like Yotpo, Google Shopping, Shipping Couriers, and Payment Gateways.

Towel Hub is built on the Joomla platform and provides a safe, secure and efficient foundation for a high volume eCommerce website. Webuddha has been a community leader in quality development of Joomla eCommerce plugins and extensions.

Atlanta Web Design, Web Development & Hosting | Hurley Elder Care Law Web Design

Hurley Elder Care Law| CMS & CRM API

Integration is essential for today's market. Hurley Elder Care Law came to Holodyn for a fresh design and overhaul of the content on their existing website. A WordPress installation was customized with a mobile responsive framework.

With Hurley's fast growth they wanted to focus on automating as many parts of their on boarding process as feasible. Holodyn stepped in to write custom software to talk to their CRM for event registration, document management, new sales opportunities, and more to come.

Atlanta Web Design, Web Development & Hosting | Dance101 Web Design


Strong branding is vital to success in today's market. BURNCO recognized having a fluid modern brand to represent all of their digital property was a must. A wordpress installation customized with a mobile responsive framework and custom animations was all created uniquely for their brand.

BURNCO was a international company that was making aquisitions to expand into the United States domestic market. Webuddha and Holodyn created a digital branding strategy that raise the bar for BURNCO's brand.

Atlanta Web Design, Web Development & Hosting | Dance101 Web Design

Dance 101 Inc.

Mobile design is essential for today's market. recognized that mobile phones are becoming a major part of their consumer's life and contracted Webuddha to create a unique mobile interface that would allow their customers to quickly register for upcoming classes.

Webuddha provided a "Responsive Template" that renders an appropriately sized mobile theme depending on what platform the visitor was using.  Webuddha continues to work closely with Dance101 or ensure the growth of their website with modern technologies and user interfaces.