Web Development Services

Atlanta Web Application & Development Services

Webuddha strives to deliver bleeding edge web based application development services. For over 15 years we have served our customers with a strong focus on intuitive and robust functional applications.

Our past website development projects range from completely custom e-Commerce platforms to advanced package tracking and project management systems.  By leveraging our suite of proprietary web based software, Webuddha can deliver a cost-effective approach to any custom web development project.

Content Management Systems

All websites designed by Webuddha are built onto a content management software platform which provide the foundation for you to independently manage the images and content on the website. Content Management Systems (CMS) provide a plug-and-play platform for adding new functionality to the website as the needs of your company grow.

The level of customer service we have received from Webuddha has been exemplary. They have been very responsive and willing to talk us through processes over and over again so that we are able to better manage our own technology needs. They have also helped us to improve electronic media such as our e-newsletter, completely redesigning our template, and contributing many hours to ensure our satisfaction. I would gladly recommend Webuddha to any organization because they have become such a key partner and an excellent resource for our whole organization.

-- Hands On Network

eCommerce Shopping Cart & Product Catalogs

If you are selling products or processing service payments, Webuddha can provide you with a shopping cart application customized for your particular need. The wbCatalog Shopping Cart and product catalog is extremely robust and capable of maintaining unlimited products and customer records.  Customers will enjoy the ability to return to your website to view order status, place new orders, or repeat past orders using saved credentials.  The wbCatalog system can process payments through a wide variety of payment clearing houses and includes an order management system for tracking the fulfillment process.

Adobe Air Development / Mobile Desktop Applications

Portable / Desktop applications offer a way to distribute your content via CD or USB, and provide tools that extend the functionality of your website.  Using the Adobe Air development platform, applications can be developed to run across multiple desktop and mobile platforms from the same code base.

Real Estate Property MLS Database

For Real Estate professionals, Webuddha provides a Multiple Listing Service (MLS) style property database for advertising available sale properties. Properties are stored in categories by style, location, price range, or by custom categories that suit the needs of your organization. Hot properties can be highlighted for display on key areas of the website, and once sold the properties can be archived and used as a sales portfolio.

Audio / Video MultiMedia Galleries

If your organization is focused on sharing audio / video media with clients or prospective buyers, Webuddha provides a "YouTube" style media sharing gallery that can be easily administered through the Joomla content management system. The Webuddha wbMedia application provides a catalog based management system for organizing audio / video media on your website. Visitors can browse through the categories of media, view the streaming media, comment and rank media items, and share the media with friends or post copies and links to the media through their own personal blogs.

Project Portfolio and Image Galleries

Webuddha can provide portfolio and image galleries allowing you to create categories of an unlimited number of images to share with clients and prospect visitors. Visitors will browse through categories, view a list of thumbnails for the selected category, and select from image thumbnails to view a full sized version of the image. In addition, each image can be accompanied by a title and detailed information describing the image, prototype, architectural or artistic piece.

Newsletters and Mailing List Managers

To help you capture potential buyer credentials, Webuddha provides newsletter and mailing list management tools for your website. The mailing list manager collects the email address of potential buyers and website visitors. With the newsletter management tool, you can create newsletters that carry the branding of your company website, which can be sent to all or a select list of the available subscribers.

Customized Solutions for Customers & Employees

To expand the capabilities and value of your website, customized database software solutions for managing your customer or internal operation data can be implemented. Customer Relationship Management solutions like Live Chat, Project Management solutions like wbTeamPro, or Customer Resource Directories can benefit your customer by providing tools that will be continually brand your image. Internally these tools can greatly improve employee workflow by providing direct communications and centralized project management for your data. The Webuddha Website Design team has the development experience and business know-how to develop tools to fit and compliment your particular corporate culture.